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mom and dad downstairs, baby upstairs?

    So as of right now my house has 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom but we have an unfinished basement. The basement is all ready framed, so we will have 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom, laundry room, and a huge rec room.

    The plan is to leave T in his room upstairs, but have our room move down stairs when we finish it. The room down there is a lot bigger, has a walk-in closet and is colder then up stairs.

    Anytime I mention this people think I am crazy for planning on moving mom and dad downstairs and leaving T upstairs. We have an alarm system etc... so I don't doubt that he will be safe.

    What do you all think, good idea or not?

Re: mom and dad downstairs, baby upstairs?

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    My bedroom is on the 1st floor and Mina's is on the 2nd. I don't think being a floor away for logistics is a problem, but safety maybe. If you have an alarm, that makes me feel much better. I don't even like sleeping on the 1st floor, and I think I'd hate if Mina was.
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    We have a 2 story home and DS is upstairs, we are downstairs on the ground level.  At first it was a bit uncomfortable and we got loads of family/friends commenting that we shouldn't have him upstairs .... but it has worked out just fine.  His playroom is on the main floor, so most of the day, in fact the entire day (except diaper changes) he is on the main floor.  He only goes upstairs for his bath and bedtime.....  thank God for video monitors!
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    My cousins house the baby's room is upstairs and my cousin and her hubs are on the main floor.  When we have the next kid we will move our bedroom downstairs to the main level and the kids will be upstairs.
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    I personally can't even have DD in another room, but if you are comfortable with it then thats all that matters. Just remember if baby wakes often, then its a lot of up and down trips. GL
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    Our house has the masters bd downstairs and all 4 bedrooms upstairs.  So DD's nursery is upstairs.  We have her room all painted and ready BUT we have her crib in our bedroom downstairs.  We are not planning on moving her upstairs until she completely STTN.  Right now she still wakes up once in the middle of the night to eat.  We have a video monitor so I'm not worried about DD being upstairs when the time comes to move her.  But as you pointed out we have people around us that think the room is "too far" from us. 

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    Our bedroom is on the main floor and DD is upstairs.  It was a hassle when she was a newborn, because I had to go up there all the time. So I ended up sleeping in the guest bedroom next to hers.  There are no other bedrooms downstairs for her, and she was not a fan of the pack n play in our room...only her crib. We have a video monitor, which makes me feel better about it now, since she is only up once a night I have returned downstairs to my room.
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    My baby is upstairs and we are downstairs.  I would prefer to be on the same level, but this is the way the house was built.  We have an alarm, and now I feel OK about it.  But at first, I could barely sleep.  having a video monitor is great. 

    Even though LO STTN, for those rare times that she wakes up overnight, it's a PITA to have trudge upstairs.

    But, generally, it's OK.  Her playroom is downstairs on the main level, too, so she's only upstairs for sleep, baths, and when I'm playing with her in her room. 

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