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How many poopy diapers should a 4 week old have?

Dd is 4 weeks and the last two days she's only had one to two poopy diapers and 6 to 9 wet ones.   How many poopy diapers is a month old supposed to have?        Tia

Re: How many poopy diapers should a 4 week old have?

  • Is she formula fed?  That's common for FF babies.  My little guy is the same. 
  • She gets both.  I bfeed throughout the day and at night we give her formula. Sometimes if I dont get enough milk and she's still hungry and if i'm all out of ebm in the fridge then I'll give her formula as well.
  • At one month, my (mostly) breastfed baby was pooping every 3 days or so.  Sometime he went longer than that.  Apparently thats normal.

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  • I EBF and that's what my DD has. Maybe 3 poopy ones. Well, the wet ones have streaks in them, but the poopy poopy ones number only in the 2-4 range. I think as long as she's making we ones at this point (and a few poopy ones) you're good. 
  • DD is formula fed...she has one every 24 to 60 hours. At the pedi today she said it's fine to go even longer then that as long as the poop is a soft consistency and not hard or with blood.

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