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My 7 month old has began hating her crib.  She got a cold a few months back and I put her in the Fisher Price Rock-n-Play sling thing to sleep...worked great.  But...not I can't get her out of it!!  Anytime we put her in her crib she screams, cries, spits up a little, etc....and I turn to mush and take her out and calm her down and put her back in the sling.

The weight limit is 25lbs and she was way far from that (only 14), but she is almost able to sit up on her own and so I don't think it will be safe then....

How do I get her to go back to sleeping in her crib?  When she went to daycare she would nap in her crib....and now I am a SAHM and can''t even get her to nap, much less sleep the night, in her please!!

Re: Crib!

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    Have you tried putting her in the crib after she is asleep? We had similar issues with the swing. It was rough at first, but we had to do it. Maybe put away the sling that way you don't have it as a crutch?
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    try to recreate the sling as best you can.  swaddle or bundle your DD in a blanket and place her in the crib.  she should still feel that closeness of the sling. 
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