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Hampton/Yorktown Pediatricians?

Hey all...We recently moved from Richmond, VA to Hampton, VA and are expecting in January...I don't really have anyone in this area to help, any recommendations on MD offices or pediatricians? I'm to the point where i'm desperate enough to start opening the phone book and pointing/dialing...but i'd prefer to know previous experience you've had with them...good staff...etc.


Re: Hampton/Yorktown Pediatricians?

  • Dr. Blalock with The Children's Clinic. Well, probably any doctor with the practice would be good, but we use Blalock. He's awesome. Very nice and easy going. Not prone to scare-tactics. We're raising DS as a vegan and the pedi is totally cool with it, same with our alternative vaccine schedule. My SIL takes her daughter to him as well and they like him a lot too. I'm possibly spelling the name wrong, but it's pronounced Blay-lock. :)

    The nurses we've met are very nice as are the receptionists (who I think may be nurses too).

    The only issues we've ever had is when they switched to all-computer files and appointments, they lost two of our appointments and we showed up and they turned us away. Turns out they should have squeezed us in, but didn't. The doctor was apparently pretty peeved, which to me is good since it means he actually cares about his patients and parent's time.

    Their offices are in Newport News, but we live in Tabb (Yorktown) right near the Hampton line and have never felt like the distance wasn't worth the care our son gets. 

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    Dr RICHARD BRZESKI IS THE BEST. Hes so supportive, returns calls, tells me not to worry about little things, plays with my daugther and my husband loves him as well. Dr Blalock, didnt really click with him though. You can schedule prenatal meeting with both of them and then decide. went to peninsula pediatrics and it sucks. sorry. Keep us posted. Wink

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