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LO won't eat after burp

I've been struggling to get DS to eat last night & today.  He usually drinks 4 oz. every 3-4 hours and I have to burp him 2-3 times during the feeding or else he spits up a lot.  I think he's only drank about 7 oz. total since midnight.  He has been refusing the bottle after his first burp, regardless of how much he drank before the burp.  He will literally scream if I try to put the bottle back in his mouth.  Should I just let him drink as much as he will then burp him at the end and risk an upset tummy, or should I continue as normal and hope it will pass?

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Re: LO won't eat after burp

  • You might check with your Pedi to see if he has Acid Reflux. He could be having pain from the acid backing up his throat and associate that with the bottle. My DS has it and he got so much better after starting zantac for babies.
  • I was also going to mention the possibility of reflux.  DD has been doing that too and has several other signs the past week that make me think she has reflux.  I am going to call the pedi on Monday.  I was hoping it was just gas and tried some things on my own to see if it got better, but no such luck.  DD usually takes 4 oz also and I wait to burp her at 2 oz.  If she doesn't take the rest then at least she got half of it in.  Her total daily amount of formula has slowly decreased the past week also.

    DD1 had reflux but it was much worse than this and very clear when she started with signs.  A combo of Zantac and Enfamil Gentlease worked great for her.  I am wondering if that's what we will have to do with DD2.

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  • That is exactly how Lo was. It was AR. She's in Zantac now but as she gains weight the effectiveness goes down so we have to keep upping the dose. Good luck AR sucks!
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