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I think I made my MIL mad

She has to go by my house to get home on Fridays and yesterday she asked if she could stop by to see DS. She told me it would be for a half hour tops since she had to get to a doctors appointment and would 11 be OK. I thought about it and since DS normally sleeps form 9-12 I just decided I would put him down at 8 instead of 9 and told her sure.

So this morning rolls around I put him down at 8 and about a half hour ago she texts me and says can I stop by in 20 mins! Umm no thats 10 not 11 and DS is asleep and will be till 11 and I am not waking him up. Am I being rude?

I guess I just get frustrated she is so fly by the seat of her pants and at this age DS has a nap schedule and I like to try to keep it unless its a special day and I am sorry but 20 min visits don't count as a special day!

Re: I think I made my MIL mad

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    I don't think you're being rude. If he's asleep, I'm sure she doesn't expect you to wake him.
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    just explain he has a schedule that you aren't trying to be mean.
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    You are not being rude at all. Never wake a sleeping lol
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    My IL's did this all the time in the beginning.  they would say they would be over around 12 then not show up until 2 or 3.  Then they would wonder why I wouldn't wake her...I screwed up her nap at 12 for her to see you guys.  I'm not doing it again!  Now they don't even ask to come over, oh well!

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    I don't think that's being rude- my MIL does this exact same thing. She will say she's coming at a certain time but show up an hour early and I'm either about to feed him or he's due for a nap.. now she seems mad at us and keeps saying she is coming over but doesn't. It's annoying and I told DH to screw trying to ge ttogether with her.
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