Baby Jogger Citi Mini Double Accessories?

Does anyone have the child tray or parent console?  The child tray for the double looks like it can only be in front of one child.  Is that the case?  Is the parent console helpful? 

I also notice that the handle says not to attach a diaper bag. Any suggestions on that?  I'm starting to wonder why I liked this stroller back when I registered for it.

Re: Baby Jogger Citi Mini Double Accessories?

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    I heard mixed reviews about the child trays so I haven't bought them.

    Instead of the BJ parent console, I bought the Sunshine Kids version for $10 on Amazon. It works great! 

    Also, we totally put our diaper bag over the stroller handle. It has never tipped. 

    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
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    We often hang our somewhat heavy double diaper bag from the handlebar and have never had a problem.
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    Don't know if it is the same with the city classic, but we put our diaper bag on the bar below the handle, no problem.
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    Thanks for the responses.  I just switched to it after using the DSNG exclusively and I'm missing the cup holders!  I've heard moms say a snack tray is really handy down the road, so I started looking for that too.  After reading reviews again I'm remembering why I like it again as well (lightweight, easy to fold, etc.).

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