2 week old bleeding bottom

My DD seems to have a bad case of diaper rash. When wiping her bottom during a diaper change yesterday we noticed some blood spots on the wipe. We tried just being gentle with it, but when changing her again this morning there was more bleeding.

 We are already scheduled to see the pediatrician tomorrow and will be sure to ask him about it. But I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on what to do for it until then. We have the usual diaper rash creams to use, but we're not sure if it would be ok for a newborn.

Re: 2 week old bleeding bottom

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    :(  poor little bottom!  L had a really bad case like that.  My grandmother *swears* by scortched flour.  After trying all the diaper rash creams out there I gave it a go as well.  Not sure if it was what helped or that I allowed him to go diaper less for a few hours a day to allow time to heal.  I would lay water proof pads on the floor and give him some tummy time.  He napped on one for a while and slept in only a onsie.  I changed him as soon as I felt he was wet.  

    Hope her bottom heals soon.  :(  I think all the diaper rash creams are safe for nbs.   

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    Aw poor baby bottom. My daughter had the same thing for the first few weeks of her life too. The pedi had us mix up a concoction of Desitin and Lotrimin since it was a yeast infection.

    The thing that by far worked the best though was to wipe her butt clean and lay her down on her tummy with her legs tucked under so her bare butt was up in the air. We would blow dry it and just let her sleep on a blanket while we watched over her so it could air all the way out. It is amazing how much faster it heals if it can dry out.

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    Don't use wipes, use a wet rag, the wipes will burn. I second letting her go diaper-less for a few hours a day to help dry it out.
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    she could be allergic to the diapers if you are using disposables.  I remember the LC at my BF support group saying that newborns can be sensitive to disposables.  You could always try a cloth diaper until it heals and then try again. Or you could try a diaper for sensitive skin.

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    I've found Vitamin A & D ointment to work better than any of the "diaper rash creams" and it's perfectly safe.
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    Sounds like she needs Nystatin. You should see if your pedi will call in a prescription for you so you don't need to take her all the way out. But I guess since this is the first time you will want the pedi to see it. My kids get that all the time (although hardly ever now that we use cloth diapers) and it is just a yeast infection on the skin and Nystatin knocks it right out.

    Make sure she gets plenty of airing out time.

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    I actually went to the pediatric derm becaue we had this and nothing was working, even the pedis suggestions.  He did give us a perscription, but I found the rest of the suggestions more useful.  He said do not ever use wipes except on the morning diaper to get any escaped gel that may have come out of the diaper and on poo.  But the last wipe when you wipe the poop - you know the one to get it off the skin (hope I am making sense) to use a cotton ball soaked with mineral oil to soothe the skin and get the poop off.  then use triple paste.  Its pricey, but he is actually the second derm to tell me to use only that - my derm told me it is all she will use on her kids. 
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    I remember this happening to DD.  We stopped using wipes and used warm soft cloths instead (I think I had swiped some of the ones we were using in the hospital), air dried and/or no heat blow dry, and butt paste.
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    We've only used powder and aloe-free wipes ( butts bees powder, 7th gen or huggies natural care wipes) on DS and he's never had diaper rash. I swear by powder because of its drying effect and wipes w/out aloe because aloe moisturizes, and why add moisture to that area? Anyway, just my 2 cents : ) oh, and I agree with the hair dryer idea -- SIL used to do that for my nephew and it really helped.
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    One of my guys just got his first real diaper rash thanks to a stomach bug, and our pedi recommended a combination of Triple Paste, baby cornstarch, and a bit of Lotrimin.
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