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George Foreman grills

If you have one, How do you clean it and what is your favorite thing to cook on it?  FI' mother just gave us one and she couldn't find the book.....

TIA =)

Re: George Foreman grills

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    I LOVE our Foreman! To clean it, I either do it while the plates are still slightly warm (before the food has a chance to harden on it) or I'll let them soak in hot water w/ soap for a bit. We don't have a dishwasher, so I just wash them by hand in the sink and let air dry.
    We usually cook burgers and chicken on it, but I've also made grilled cheese, paninis and even an omlet before (we have the one that has interchangeable plates, and one is an omlet cooker). I haven't tried it, but I've been wanting to cook grilled veggies on it too.
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    I usually wipe it with a dry paper towel and then use a sponge and dish soap to get it clean. We cook chicken, pork chops, and hamburgers on it.
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    I have kinda like the original style one but without the timer (it stays on the entire time it's plugged in). If I don't wash right away, I'll plug it back in for a minute to get the plates warm again. I use a delicate sponge and some water, although the coating is still coming off. I also don't close the lid down since I find it harder to clean the top plate than the bottom.

    In terms of what we make on it, it's usually some kind of meat. Burgers are popular, so are chicken and pork chops. I've also used it for bacon and my sister has grilled asparagus and other veggies on it. Make sure you use the drip plate and I tend to use a non-stick grilling spray on it too. 

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