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Docs in owasso?

Anybody from Owasso? I've set up an appointment with Dr. Bohl-Witchey at St. John Owasso and was wondering if anybody else had seen/or sees her? She had a good rating online and the lady i spoke to on the phone seemed really nice, but I'd love some opinions from you lovely ladies. My first appointment is the 31st (8 weeks!) so I'm looking forward to the ultrasound and seeing our little jellybean!

Re: Docs in owasso?

  • I hear she is ok. I have also heard good things about Dr. Sneed. I think they are in the same practice.
  • I see Dr Stephanie Hall and I really like her...she is at Bailey
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  • I know I'm pretty late to this - I'm usually on the Ok Nestie board over on 'the other side, you should come on over! Anyway, I see Dr. Hall at Bailey, too... and I LOVE her. My aunt (she's my age) sees Bohl-Witchy (or whatever) and I'm not impressed. We had to take her in last week because she was having severe cramps and B-W basically told her she was faking it for attention. The woman was not faking - she was basically crawling in her bed trying to get away from the pain. B-W had TERRIBLE bedside manners. After seeing her treat my aunt like that, I'd never recommend anyone to her. Maybe she's different in the office, but I did not like her. HTH.

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