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Car seat and small car

I have a Saturn Ion and it's time to up DD to a convertable car seat.  I'm looking at 2 of them that both have good Consumer Report Ratings.

1. Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite

2. Evenflo Triumph Advanced LX/DX

Does anyone have any opinions or thoughts on either of these?  Have you tried either of them in a small car?


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Re: Car seat and small car

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    no experience with either of those but wanted to say that if you're planning to have more than one in the back seat, go with the SK radian.  My friend has a honda civic (one of the smallest back seats for a mid-size car) and they are the only seat that fits 3 across in her car. 
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    I have no experience but we bought the Combi Coccuro for our 2 door civic and it fits really well. 
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