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Baby book?

So I pulled out DD's baby book last night.  So sad!  Mommy needs to step it up and get going on that thing.  I only had the first page filled out with pregnancy stuff.  Now I have something new to add to my to-do list.  There are all kinds of things in there that I have no idea the exact date of like, first time she held her head up, rolled over, etc.  I am putting in guesstimates because I never wrote any of that down. Sad

Growing up, I always liked looking at my baby book and I want my daughter to be able to do the same thing.  Plus the majority of my photos are on the computer so I really need to get to work!

Am I the only one slacking on this?  Time for less bumping and more baby book completing!!

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Re: Baby book?

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    I have a baby book and it hasn't been touched.  My SIL's family gave me a Baby's First Year calendar, which is way easier.  There are stickers for each milestone, and you simply put it on the day it happens.  It has other stickers like doctor appointments, first boo-boo, and generic "firsts".  There are also quick things like "I like to play with...  My favorite food is...  My size is... etc., etc."  I am going to fill the baby book out with the calendar info.  I figure I can put more details in the book, but the calendar is at least keeping me on track.  And there are spaces for pictures each month, when I get around to developing them.
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    I need that calendar!

    To the OP, I am in the same boat as you.  I didn't keep good records of any of the milestones so far so it is just a guestimate here too.  Thankfully I have a boy and I doubt he'll care in the future too much.

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