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pediatricians in South Tulsa

I just moved to Tulsa from Norman and need a new pediatrician.  I loved my pedi in Norman (donna jackson).....and really want a pedi that listens to my questions, etc.... not someone who just gets you in and out, ya know....any suggestions!!!  thank you

Re: pediatricians in South Tulsa

  • I use Dr. Ted Kaltenbach, his practice is Kids Health Care at 81st and hwy 169, in the Southcrest Medical Building. I've been using him for almost 2 years now, and he is amazing! he takes the time to talk to the kids, and even to make sure i'm doing ok. he loves on the kids (in a very parent-like way) and my son loves to go see Doder K!! He has privelidges at St Francis South, though, if you happen to have a baby on the way, if that would make any difference to you. He always gives me a hug or pat on the back before we leave and tells me i'm a great mama. it makes me happy that he knows my children's names and that he cares for us all.
  • Hands down, Dr, John Knippers at Kids Pediatrics.

    Kids Pediatric & Adolescent Careimage7711 East 111th Street, Tulsa, OK 74133-2563 (918) 394-5437

     We have used him since our son was born and I love him. He always takes time to listen to us and you can usually get in pretty easy when your child is sick. Great staff and brand new office. Also has a GREAT Nurse Practitioner there that is always wonderful to see. Can't say enough about the place.

    Good Luck.


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  • Dr. Brian Ledbetter at 81rst and Garnett in the Berkshire Center.  He's really wonderful, takes a lot of time to answer my questions.

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