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dry max diaper question....

do they make pampers swaddlers sensitive size 3's WITHOUT dry max??

I've been buying the 2's without it and it looks like all the size 3's have dry max.  Just wondering if they make them w/o and where I can get them.

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Re: dry max diaper question....

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    Hmmm, I havent seen them. But we use the Pampers Baby Dry and they work great...and no Dry Max.
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    I also rec. the  Baby Dry diapers.
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    There is a Pampers Sensitive line (not swaddlers) that runs up to size 4. That's what we use, but it has dry max.
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    Nope.  They don't.  We were using Swaddlers until they put Dry Max in them, then switched to Swaddlers Sensitive since they don' t have Dry Max.. but now DS needs a size 3, and when I learned that the size 3 and 4 Swaddlers Sensitive have Dry Max I asked the ladies on here for recommendations because I want to avoid Dry Max and the majority responded that they have had success with the Pampers Baby Dry line - no Dry Max.  I just ordered 2 large boxes of them.
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