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How do you know if your LO needs one?

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    Our pedi brought it up at Ryan's 4 month appointment. She had us come back at 5 months and they recommended he get checked out by the orthotics department of the hospital.

    They did some super fancy high tech scanner, it was awesome! It looked like the 3D ultrasounds. They showed us a chart of a 'normal' baby's head measurements, the degrees of deviation, and then Ryan's measurements.

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    Our family doctor noticed it and referred us to a pedi.
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    Every month I asked my pedi about my LO's flat spot. Every month different ones said it was fine. At his 4 month the pedi suggested repositioning and stated "it might always be flat" but its fine. That was not fine with me and I had already been repositioning but it was too late.

    I did my own research which brought me to Cranial Technologies. He was going on 6 months and I still felt it just was not ok. They do free evaluations.

    Right away they said he needed a doc band for his brachycephaly that was not severe but more than mild, and that if I did no treatment his head would stay the way it is right now.

    Only then did my doctor after seeing the photos and measurements right the referal for insurance stating he has severe brachycephaly.

    Mommy's gut lead me to this point and I stand 100% behind it. He gets his Doc Band on the 18th

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    Here is a good online self assessment (sorry, no clicky).


    DS 12/09, Twins EDD 11/11
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    DS was diadnosed with torticollis at 3 month appt. He received physical therapy and the PT thoght he would need a helmet. At his 4 month the pedi agreed.
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