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DS's First "Word"?

The past couple days I have noticed DS "coughing" when he sees the cat. I always say the word 'cat' really clearly when he walks by us and the more he does this little cough, which isn't a proper cough, it's like a coughing sound with a very distinctive short 'a' as if he is trying to say 'cat.'

So earlier today when DH was with us I said, "Ryan, say CAT," and he did the little cough again. Each time I asked him to say it, he would repeat this same cough.

Think it's a fluke...or worth recording in the baby book (even if I do have to put a tiny explanation)?

Re: DS's First "Word"?

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    my daughter does it too, but in a different way.  We call our cats "kitty" and so she does this thing that sounds like "key" with alot of spit mixed in whenever she sees the cats.  She'll squeal and say "key".  I know it's kitty.  I mean she likes them more than she likes us 80% of the time.  They're her size and in her space.  Doesn't help that we have 4 and they're the center of our lives too.
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