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Kirkland Brand Diapers Size 1-2 - Small enough for newborns?

New parents of twins coming in October! Smile We are super excited and starting to stock up on stuff like diapers and baby wipes. We shop at Costco almost every weekend so we thought we would get our diapers and baby wipes there.

Our question is: Are the Kirkland Brand Diapers Size 1-2 small enough for our newborn twins? Or, do we need to get the "newborn" size of another brand (since there is no NB size for the Kirkland brand) to last a few weeks/months?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much!

Re: Kirkland Brand Diapers Size 1-2 - Small enough for newborns?

  • It's really going to depend on your baby.  When my first was born, they were estimating her weight to be about 8 lbs, but 5 days overdue, she was 6 lbs 5 oz.  The diapers the hospital supplied (Pampers, NB size) didn't fit! They were too big and fell off.  So we went with Especially for Baby brand from BRU/TRU in the NB size and they ran smaller.  We only needed about 1 pack of those, then up to the huggies and white cloud NB size for a week or so, and finally to size 1.  However, my 2nd was born weighing 7 lbs 2 oz and we used the NB diapers we had in the hospital...but changed to size 1 within 24 hours.  Combo boxes are great, but you may need size 1 a while.  I'd get 1 small pack of NB just in case.
  • I'm assuming by size 1-2 you mean that weird in-between size that some diaper companies make to fit between size 1 and 2?  I've never used Kirkland so I'm not sure. 

    My twins were not in size 2 until around 4 months old (we just went straight from 1s to 2s... no between size since the diaper sizes weren't that different).  Chances are with twins you'll be delivering early enough to need preemie diapers for at least for a week or two, and almost definitely newborn diapers for a while.

  • Def too big-

    My twins were born at 6lbs and 6lb1oz, good weights for twins.  Right now one of them is in NBs while the other is in premmies.  I tried putting Alex in NBs when he came home and he just leaked everywhere (he's now under 6lbs since he lost some of his birth weight and has scrawny legs).  I bought 90 Premmie diapers, hoping that'll be enough to tide him over until he gains enough weight to go to NBs.

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  • No, I don't think so. We used Kirkland 1-2 diapers when L was 3-5 months old. I was disappointed that Kirkland did not have NB at the time but, we used Pampers Swaddlers until he was big enough for the Kirkland.
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