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Daily Calorie Intake When Pregnant with Twins?

I am new to this board and new to the news of having twins. I was just wondering what some of your diets consisted of. I have read that common calorie intake is 2700 a day, seems like a lot??? Last night i made the mistake of skipping dinner, I just was not feeling good enough to eat anything and I paid for it this morning. I felt like all my energy and strength was gone when it came time to get up for work. Similar to when you have the flu and are pushing yourself t get up and get moving. Been trying to replinish all day. Interested particularly in ideas for what I can bring to work for lunch. Thanks ladies!!

Re: Daily Calorie Intake When Pregnant with Twins?

  • My peri put me on a 2800 cal/day diet! It's ALOT of food!
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  • I did not count my calories.  I did make sure I ate enough protein.  And never skip a meal!  I ate pretty much every 2 hours!  I ate a lot, but I tried to eat somewhat healthy!  I gained 52 lbs.  But I did gain a lot of water weight at the end. 

    I would bring snacks to work, because I knew if I didn't eat when I was hungry it would not be a good thing!  I didn't bring my lunch to work though. 

  • I'm at 2200-2400 calories a day, but I'm also only 5 feet tall.  I feel like that's a lot!  I can't imagine another 400-600 calories.  I am eating lots of peanut butter and avocados right now...very calorie dense foods!
  • I have to have the supplement shakes otherwise there's just no room for more food. I make sure I eat alot of protein and depending on the food intake I'll have 1-2 boost or ensure shakes. They're disgusting but if I put them in the freezer (from the fridge) for 20min and then slam it back it's ok.  But our OB just said to eat more or drink those...I have a very hard time eating larger amounts or more often so I add a shake to my snack (usually apple with cheese or pb with toast).
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  • Congrats!! Welcome to the board.

    I was told to eat 2700 calories a day. You may want to read Dr. Barbara Luke's book for weight gain and food suggestions. She really pushes for a lot of weight gain by 24 weeks. I really struggled to gain the weight and ate a lot of peanut butter, cheeseburgers and drank Carnation Instant Breakfast with 2% milk. It was a struggle, but I gained 25lbs by 24 weeks. I am so glad I did. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and put on a strict diet. I gained about 5lbs in the last 3 months of the pregnancy. Despite this, because of the early weight gain, my girls were good weights. It seems impossible to eat that much, but its so important! GL!

  • I have Dr. Luke's book and have been trying to incorporate the suggested foods into my diet.  However, even on Zofran I'm so sick and its hard to keep anything down.  I'm really trying though.  Once the "morning" sickness, in my case round-the-clock sickness passes, I'm really going to have to try to eat much more.

    The suggestions for 1st trimester are lots of foods with B vitamins and lots of protein.  I've been eating eggs/egg salad or making chicken breasts and making sandwiches for lunch- also made a london broil to make sandwiches with.  Mostly though I've been eating cereal, which is ok since its fortified with lots of vitamins- and I try to have it with a good amount of milk and a banana or an apple.  Cereal is easiest for me to keep down right now.

    Good luck!

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    I met with dietitian when I was pregnant and instead of a calorie total, she emphasized getting 100g of protein a day.  I found it was much easier (and not nearly as overwhelming) to go for that goal.  I did some protein powder added to smoothies, OJ, or just plain milk, and did drink boost chocolate drinks.  I put them in the fridge and then drank them over ice and they weren't that bad.  I found they were the most tolerable type of the ensure/boost type drinks.  Good luck!
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  • image sunnybrook.:
    You may want to read Dr. Barbara Luke's book for weight gain and food suggestions. She really pushes for a lot of weight gain by 24 weeks.

    Ditto this. You might not be able to eat ALL the recommended amounts in all categories but at least get her goals for protein and dairy, and then half to 2/3 in the other category. That's what I did and gained right on schedule and had 6.10 and 6.7 babies at 37w6d.

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  • congrats! I had 2200-2400 calorie intake per day suggested by a dietician and nurse when I was diagnosed with GD this go around. It is a lot of food. Just try to eat lots of protein, eat snacks in between every meal and before bed, never skip a meal and eat healthy overall. Your body will likely tell you what it needs and just eat a drink whenever you feel like it. I had two singletons before my twins and didn't follow any particular diet/calorie intake and my babies were very healthy and born at 8 lbs. 11oz and 9lbs 3oz. I gained about 35 lbs. With the twins I naturally gained about 45 lbs. and had healthy babies induced at 36 wks. They weighed 6lbs,6oz. and 6lbs. 10 oz. a whole month early! BTW, don't worry about your weight gain...while I gained 45 lbs. I lost 30 lbs. giving birth and by 6 wks. only have about 5-10 more lbs. to lose. It was scary seeing those numbers climb into the 200's though. Our bodies are incredible! GL:)
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