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Neighbor is driving me!

We have a VERY friendly neighbor who is very nice and we have chatted occassionally, the problem is that I cannot leave the house without her running out to chat.  I can have my arms loaded with grocerys, or with the baby and be running late, I swear she is watching for me and runs out of the door the minute I pull into the driveway or out of my front door. 

I feel like a prisoner in my own home.  I can no longer sit on my deck or front porch without her bothering.  Like I said we have been friendly to them, and she even said, "You my friend?"  I explained, "yes, we're neighbors."  Now today she knocked on my door and I did not answer. 

 They are from Egypt and don't speak English very well so we are constently having the same conversation, "How you baby?" I answer, "fine, how is your baby?"  UG !  I am all for being neighborly but this is taking it past a comfortable level.  I don't know what to do!  Any suggestions without being terribly rude?

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Re: Neighbor is driving me!

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    Oh that is frustrating. You're so sweet for letting it go on and it sounds like there is a cultural boundary that she is unaware of. Maybe next time you see her just keep walking and say you'll talk to her later. She sounds lonely...can you allot an hour to her sometime just to talk so you don't feel like she's chasing you down? I know that might open doors you are not comfortable with, just a thought. Good luck!
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    I know how you feel!  My neighbor is also VERY friendly, she is always coming out when I am getting DS in the car or bringing groceries in or taking the dog out.  She drives me nuts, I try to limit my conversations with her, saying have to go take care of DS or have to go do something, without being rude.  She has slowly, over time, quit talking to me as much. 

    She is always talking to DH though because he just stands there and talks to her and then complains about it.  I've told him what I do but he won't do it.

    The husband on the other hand creeps me the F**K out!  Whenever he knocks on our door, to ask a question or something, he has this creepy voice and never looks at me straight on, he always looks at me while standing sideways.  Just thinking about it gives me chills. 

    I hope you figure something out soon!  GL!

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