Am I being too paranoid?

My SIL, who does not live in the same state as me, offered to buy us a triplet stroller off CL.  It is such a nice gesture!  She forwarded the email to me from the lady she's been talking with off CL (the lady lives in my state) and as I was going through the emails I saw she gave the lady my first and last name!  Let me say, I don't think the lady she's been in contact with is crazy at all.

I emailed her back nicely and said while I appreciated everything she was doing to NOT give out my first and last name to people because there are some real crazies out there, especially when it comes to people having HOM.

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Re: Am I being too paranoid?

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    No, I don't think you are being too paranoid.  She is doing a very sweet thing for you, but giving out your first and last name without clearing it with you is a bit too trusting on her part.

     I'm sure it will be fine, and you handled it appropriately.  Hopefully, your SIL will be a bit more careful in the future.  What a nice gift though!

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