I have never ending hunger.

And I don't understand where it is coming from. (Yes, I know, growing babies.) But how is there any more room in there for them to get any bigger? Or need anymore food?

I feel like a human garbage disposal this week and I can't stop it. All I think about is food! What can I go eat right now? 


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Re: I have never ending hunger.

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    HA HA...I got through phases where all I can do is eat and then other times when I don't want to eat at all. 
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    Oh Girl!  I couldn't even get a full nights sleep because I would wake up hungry every few hours!  Normally, I don't like McDonald's but it was so good to me when I was pregnant!  I could easily polish off two, yes two, double quarter pounders with fries for dinner and then turn around 30 minutes later and eat a bowl of ice cream.

    I'm not a big person by any means but I sure ate like I was a 350 lb man though!  BTW-I still ate like that when I was nursing.  

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    must be those babies putting on some extra weight to make their grand entrance!

    isn't it towards the end when they gain the most amount of weight the quickest?

    I have zero appetite, which is fine because I feel like I have no room for food anyways :-P

    EAT! someone is hungry...whether you or babies, lol!

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    This week I have been starving all the time!!  I generally eat breakfast at 8am and then by 9:30-10 I am ravenous!!  I'm gonna have to make sure to pack myself plenty of snacks once I go back to work!
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