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It finally happened...

Ever since we talked about having a baby people told us stories about ther lo's "interupting" them while they were having sex. Well I have been waiting for it to happen to us. By now I just figured it wouldn't happen. Last night we were just getting started and ds started screaming! I went to check on him and he was still sleeping, just having a bad dream. When I went back to our room we were both just cracking up!
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Re: It finally happened...

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    It has already happened here. Ds was about two months old. He woke up from a nap. I could hear Dad go in and say 15 more minutes please! I'm scared of when he gets big enough to knock on the door. " What are you doing? " Indifferent
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    It happens to us all the freaking time. It's like he somehow knows mommy and daddy are trying to get it on or something. I feel like he's thinking, "DADDY! Get off my momma!"
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    My friend's 8 year old tried to climb in through the bedroom window after finding her parents' door locked.  Surprise
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