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Local Baby Shower Venues

I may be starting this a little early, but I've got baby on the brain and I'm already thinking about the shower. I love get-togethers and I can't wait until I'm huge and celebrating with the people I love. BUT I'm clueless as to all the fabulous locations that there must be in SD without breaking the bank.

My shower will be in January so, unfortunately, an outdoor shower at a park is out of the question (which would be my first choice). I don't like the idea of having it at a restaurant because I don't think guests should have to pay money to eat AND bring me a gift - I just think that's asking too much. I would really like to find a small indoor area that I can rent for a few hours and bring my own catering/drinks/decorations. Ideally, a patio would be nice in case people want to mingle outside. I just wish I knew more places in town other than the Parks & Rec Community Centers. Any ideas from those of you who know more places than I do?

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  • I wouldn't invest too much time/energy in looking into this. Generally people don't host their own showers. Family member(s) and/or friend(s) typically do. So you might want to wait until you're further along so that you find out if others have plans.
  • I'm in a smiliar dilema, mine will be in november and my friend is going to host but my guest list at first was 35 people way to many for her home in winter with no outdoor space. We looked for an alternative but in the end I just shortened my guest list to about 20 people.


    post if you find something.

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  • I haven't found anything yet, but need to start devoting serious time to looking now! I will be hosting my own shower and, although it may be "untraditional," it's much more common these days. My family and very close friends do not live in the area/state in order to host a shower for me (which is also the reason why there isn't a home we can use for the shower) so I'll be taking care of everything. It really doesn't matter to me... I just wish I knew where to start looking for a location!
  • I'm still looking... anyone??!?
  • Theres a lot of bed and breakfasts in San Deigo.  If you wanna have a super cute one consider having one there in a courtyard or something. Also a lot of hotels have convention centers big and small which are usually already decorated.

      I have someone who's offered to host my babyshower at her home in Temecula.  Don't get me wrong her home is stellar, but my guest list is HUGE (wedding sized!)  so i doubt they'll fit.  So i'm looking around too.

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  • I'm having a themed 1960's cocktail babyshower by the way.  It's going to be co-ed and we're having an open bar with a lot of virgin drinks for my bump-buddies.  Mine is going to be very untraditional. It'll be in summer with games the guest will really wanna play, and if my DH has his way-a squirt gun war. && That's the problem with most babyshowers.  They suck, theres not enough alcohol for the non-expecting guests, and it's usually just finger foods we're having GOOD food. Haha when i'd get invitations i'd usually avoid going.  I'm excited for mine.
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  • The Beach House Cardiff has a cute private room, we had my god-sister's there last year it was great! On the beach and awesome! 
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