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Is it too early to drop the AM nap?

This is my third post in 3 days. I have tried EVERYTHING to get Lyla to nap. Nothing works. Is it possible she doesn't need an AM nap anymore? I still think she's too young to drop it, but I'm out of ideas.

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Re: Is it too early to drop the AM nap?

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    As I said before, be patient and don't be so quick to change things.

    You're just not giving it enough time before changing things or wanting to give up. 3 days isn't very long in terms of establishing a routine. 

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    I think every baby is different. How long is her afternoon nap? If it's 2.5+ hours, then it's possible she may not need a morning nap. Either that, or maybe she's able to stay awake longer in the morning. Have you tried putting her down a half hour to hour later than normal?

    Here's a link to a great chart about sleep:

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    Should I just keep doing the same thing every morning? I got her to fall asleep this morning at 845,but she woke up immediately when I put her in the crib. I tried again at 930, and I held her for 25 minutes before I put her in the crib. She woke up. I think I am just frustrated because she napped so well before.
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    I didn't see your posts before, but like pp said, maybe she just stays awake longer in the morning? My DS usually is only awake for 2 - 2.5 hours between naps but in the mornings he goes 3 hours. Also, his morning nap is usually only 30-40 minutes. You said you held her for 25 minites, that may have been all she wants for a morning nap.
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    She gets up around 7am. Maybe I should try to wait until 10. I had high hopes of doing that this morning but she starting yawning around 830. Maybe her bedtime is too late (730pm?) She hasnt been sleeping well at night either. I'll try pushing her AM nap later. I have been super obessed with the Healthy Sleep Habits of 9am nap and 1pm nap...but I should probably give that up lol.

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