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DH is alone w/ DS for the entire day...for the first time!

I know, DS is 7 months old and this is the first time DH has has him alone for the entire day...sad, isn't it? Daycare is closed this week due to her vacation, so DH is covering today. I worked from home yesterday, MIL is covering tomorrow and I took vacation days Thurs and Friday.
DH has been alone with Brody for several hours at a time, but he's never had an entire day where he's the only caregiver...should be interesting! Yesterday Brody was up at 6:15am and today he was still sleeping at 7:30am when I left for work. Go figure...hmph!
DH has all these plans of what he wants to do today (deep clean our huge mud room, take Brody to Home Depot and Lowe's to look for carpet, wash his truck, etc.) and it'll be interesting to see how many of those he actually gets done. Maybe now he'll understand how much of my time Brody actually does suck up!!
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Re: DH is alone w/ DS for the entire day...for the first time!

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    Haha! He'll probably get to Home Depot and Lowes, but I doubt he'll be able to deep clean anything. Nothing in my house has been deep cleaned since before Tegan was born!
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    Maybe now he'll understand how much of my time Brody actually does suck up!!

    I definitely think today will open his eyes to how much you actually do in a day, around the house and with Brody.  My DH has never had Burke for an entire day evening yes but an entire day...not so much!   Big Smile

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    Oh, that's great. He'll get a real idea of what taking care of a baby really entails and that it's not as easy to get things done! I sincerely believe that dads need to have the baby all to themselves every once in awhile just to remember (or realize if they've never noticed!) all the things we do and how much works it really is!
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    Hee hee! It's not DH has never been alone with DD...he's soooo nervous about it.

    I keep asking, because he has every other Monday off, so hopefully one day he'll feel like it's something he can deal with!

    ETA: He has been alone with her - just not all day long. Just thought I would clarify...

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    He'll be waiting to hand him over as soon as you get home.

    Since DH got laid-off, he's been taking care of LO, and by the end of the day, he is exhausted without doing much of anything around the house. Cleaning does not happen, during the day at least. He'll go somewhere every once in a while with LO.

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