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AWing my LO

Out of nowhere DD has started to do all these new things within a few days. She totally plays peekaboo. I tell her to hide and she pulls the blanket up over her head. She started to crawl. She pulled herself up. She's clapping and today she brushed her hair completely unprompted. This just totally amazed me. I've never showed her what you do or anything and we really haven't brushed her hair that much because she doesn't have much. Today I handed her the brush because I figured she'd like to feel the bristles and she put it right up to her head to brush her hair.  It's just so amazing what these LO's do and how quick they learn.

Re: AWing my LO

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    Awww!  Yay!  It seems like they start to learn faster once they become mobile!

    And, Schnookee didn't you go to jail the other day?!  Damn Jersey Shore! Wink

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    LOL  Yep!  I took LO to the boardwalk and got sloshed at 3 in the afternoon and passed out on the beach. LO can crawl now. She can fend for herself.   

    I've got such freakin mommy brain I didnt' even realize until the other day that that b*tch stole my bumpie name!  Mine has more emphasis on the ch though Stick out tongue

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