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So we only got one nap today...

I posted this morning about how my DD won't take naps. I only got her to take 1 nap this morning (from 12-2). I tried to put her down again at 445 but whe would NOT go. She kicked and cried and screamed. I know she's tired because I got her to fall asleep 3 times while I rocked her. The second I put her down in her crib, she wakes up. I spent a realllly long time holding her after she fell asleep in my arms to see if it would help. It didnt. She's playing on the floor now because it is too close to her bedtime to nap now. (She goes to bed at 730). She's like a different baby! she wont even let me hold her how I used to anymore. She is constantly struggling to turn over while I hold her (so her belly is against mine). I let her fall asleep like that but it's impossible to move her without waking her up in that position. What do I do now? Shes not even STTN anymore...shes waking up 2 or 3 times to play. Shes wide awake! I hope this is a phase!
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Re: So we only got one nap today...

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    We have major nap issues now, too...L took two today but each was under an hour...and he got up for the day just after 5am.  I don't know what to do, either.  I feel like I've tried everything...put him down earlier....put him down later...feed him before the nap...don't feed him...let him cry...go in and soothe...the kid just doesn't want to sleep.  It sucks Crying I, too, am hoping it's a phase!
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    It must be something in the air!! My DD was STTN for 2 months from 7-6:30 and now all of the sudden for the past week she goes 7:30/8 and wakes up 5/5:30 Indifferent and she fights it too! she will only take one nap during the day but she was never a good napper anyway so I am not counting that. Lets hope she's teething and its just a phase!
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