non-MoM here looking for car seat recs

I posted on SAIF too, and am not a MoM, but thought you maybe able to help!


We need to get a new infant carrier. I have to fit three carseats across the back of my car, and after much debate, have decided I would like to use an infant carrier with newbaby if possible.

We currently have two of these and are looking for the most narrow infant seat, at least to get us through the winter and until Lincoln is walking/a little more physically independent. I do not mind taking a baby in and out of the seat in the car, but am thinking a carrier would be a bit easier.

What do you have that is narrow, and safe... looks are not so important at this point, and as much as we are not rich, cost probably will not be a factor either. 


Re: non-MoM here looking for car seat recs

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    Sorry. Can't help with the car seat question, although another narrow convertible seat is the Combi Cocorro (sp?) if you decide to go that route. Just wanted to say congrats on your baby #3 coming soon. Your boys are adorable!
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