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How old do you think our babies will be when they get a cell phone?

I got my first cell phone in 1999 when I was 18 years old.  Now that most people don't have land lines, I see kids with phones at 8-9 years old.  They also have iPads and laptops.  What do you think?  At what age do you think our babies will have their own phone?  I just keep thinking about how it gets earlier and earlier and how much technology keeps changing. 
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Re: How old do you think our babies will be when they get a cell phone?

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    I would have answered when he starts driving, but We may be getting rid of the land line too. So, maybe we'll add a line when he is 10 ? I'm interested in other mommies answers to this one.
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    My husband still doesn't have one, so maybe our child will also wait a while. We're giving up cable soon and have been going back and forth about giving up the land line. The big reason for keeping it is for the kid.
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    I think it's absolutely ridiculous to see kids walking around with Blackberry's.  We all grew up without them and were just fine.  And then they wonder why parents are on the news every other week because their kid racked up a 1,000 dollar cell bill from texting alone?  DD will get one when she's old enough to pay for it herself. 
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    We don't have a land line but DD will use one of our cell phones until she is old enough to be trusted to spend time out with friends without us. By that I mean places like the mall, movies, etc. not just at a friend's house. And then we will probably get a pre-paid type thing and monitor it. Or maybe if we feel unsafe when she is younger (if she walks to school or something), they have those cell phones that can only call like 3 numbers- mom, dad, and 911 or something like that. Maybe I'll feel differently as technology changes, but thats the plan for now!
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    Hubs and I have talked about this some.  Once DD is in school and has a reason to stay after school we will probably do a cell phone for them.  That means at least middle school cuzz elementary is just too young. 
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    18 and they will be responsible for paying the bill
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    Probably jr. high. When the kids start being dropped off at activities and sporting events and need to coordinate rides, etc. they'll be given cell phones.

    They will definitely get them when they start driving. However, text won't be enabled until we feel as though they are responsible enough.

    I got my first cell phone at 16 along with my first car. I don't think it's safe to drive without one, especially when payphones are practically non existent.

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