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We need to find a new daycare. Anyone here switch when DC was 7-8 months old?

How did it go? I am so anxious about doing this but it will be best in the long run, DS's daycare just isn't holding up to the expectations I have and they stepped over the line when the nurse called our pediatrican last week after she and I had a discussion regarding DS and his meal schedule. That on top of the 2.5 weeks they are CLOSED during the year and last winter when they would shut down just because there was a THREAT of snow (we live in NH for crying out loud, snow happens!) which almost cost me my job because of all of the days I had to take off.

DS loves it there, but it just isn't working out. I am trying to find another school but I am having major anxiety over it.

(sorry for the long rant and sorry if none if it make sense, I am so stressed nothing is making sense even in my own head lately!)

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Re: We need to find a new daycare. Anyone here switch when DC was 7-8 months old?

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    {{HUGS}} Don't be sorry. Your expectations are not unreasonable and the nurse is fortunate to still have a job after overstepping her boundaries with YOUR LO.

    DS will be well adjusted to another school and you'll be happier in the end. I had to move DS to several daycares when he was little. He was on a breathing machine and a NICU baby. So the lady I had watching him let me bring his pack n play, his small swing, etc. I went to pick him up after patrol one day and saw him sleeping in the pack n play with another infant. The lady said "They looked so cute together." He no longer went there the next week. He was also not being fed and not gaining weight from that daycare as well.

    It's an inconvenience now but won't be later on.
    I hope you find something soon.

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    Wait - they called your pediatrician without your approval.  That's just weird.

    We will be moving DD next month, because my office is moving.  I think I'll be more upset than she will.  Honestly, I don't think they have any idea at this age.  Every Monday when I bring her back, it's almost like she forgot that's what we do during the week. 

    I would try to do a gradual transition to the new center.  Maybe spend an hour sitting with him at the new daycare.  Also, maybe start with a couple of half days.  We are going on vacation over labor day week.  She will start at the new center when we return. 

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    We switched DC when my daughter was 6 months, and she didn't really have any trouble adjusting. She didn't nap very well at the new DC for the first week or so, but that was really the only thing I noticed. Now I think she's napping better than ever. She also acts excited most mornings when I drop her off. I'm honestly very glad that we switched (I had a lot of concerns about the old DC), and I really think it was pretty painless.

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    DD is starting a new daycare in 2 weeks.  I gave her my 2 weeks notice when it wasn't working out.  I have 3 days off, so she will only be there 2 days this week.  I am also nervous about starting the new daycare.  Don't feel bad about switching.  We have to do what we feel is right.  I also was second guessing myself, thinking I was maybe too picky.  The more I have talked to family members and friends about the sitiuation, the more I know she needs to switch.  We also had issues with scheduling (DC closed for 3 1/2 weeks while she was in Germany) but my DH catching her bottle propping was the final straw.  I talked to her about how bottle propping is not appropriate and she said she doesn't normally do it, but I hate that DD has to go there 7 more days. (The new place doesn't have an opening until Aug 16th.)
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    Thank you for sharing your experiences ladies.

    Yes the school nurse went behind my back and called my pediatrician after she and I had discussed the new meal plan the pediatrician wanted DS on. Apparently she did not believe me, she also accused me of being overly anxious about feeding DS food and formula and what types of food and formula to feed him (heaven forbid I want only the best for my child!) and that was the real reason she called to speak to the pediatrician. Needless to say DH and I are FURIOUS and will be sitting down with the director after we get a written and signed meal plan from the pediatrician.

    Then my LO will be moved to a different DC.

    Little E born 12.10.09 Little A born 04.19.12
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