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DS starts daycare tomorrow

The time has finally come. I have been lucky enough to stay at home with him since he was born in November.  I am a teacher and school starts next week (ugh).  We are taking him to daycare tomorrow and Thursday to help him get acclimated, and then he will start full-time next Monday.

I can't believe eight months have passed already!  Any advice to help us with the transition?

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Re: DS starts daycare tomorrow

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    I don't have any advice, but I just wanted to say good luck!   I hope everything goes nice and smooth for you tomorrow!

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    When you drop off, try to keep it quick.  The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave.  Don't feel bad if you cry; they half-expect you to get teared up.

    Our DC supplied all the fabric stuff.  I went ahead and brought in a new blankie ever week for her, tho.  It smelled like home & comforted her when she went down for naps. 

    I'm a teacher, too.  I thought DC was horrible in the beginning, but I felt horrible when I took her out for the summer.  I'm a SAHM now, and feel even worse.  I make playdates for us, but I can't match that social interaction she got at DC.  She really did enjoy herself.

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    Julia loves going to daycare, and I bet that your LO will like it a lot too, especially because he is probably getting to an age where he can start to interact with other babies. It will probably be way harder for you than for him. Whatever you do, do not show that you are sad at drop off or pick up. Pick ups are sometimes hard for me because she is having so much fun and doesn't get excited to see me right away all the time.

    We had a tough time with the organization part of getting everyone out of the house with everything necessary & on time. So if you can plan ahead for this, it will help you.

    Also, at some of the daycares I interviewed, they had very "quick" nap routines (if anything at all). It was basically, here lay down in bed and sleep.... so if DS is used to you cuddling him a lot before a nap, you might want to start cutting back on that before he starts full time. Good luck!!

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    We did the same slow transition and it worked really well - for her and me!!! I went home the first 1/2 day and cried the whole morning.  So, by the time I had to actually go to work on day 3, I wasn't a total wreck.  She did much better than I thought she would and now we're in a great pattern.

    There are always little pangs of guilt, but it's really not that bad. 


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    I'm a teacher as well and Tegan started daycare last school year when I went back to teaching in February. At first it was hard for me and I missed her like crazy. Then I realized how much she was learning and growing at daycare and I started to feel better about leaving her. It soon became Tegan's job to go to "school" and learn and Mommy's job to go to school and teach.

    I've been home with her all summer and I've loved every minute of being home with her, but I am excited for her to start back to daycare in a week. I know that I'll miss her, but I also know it's good for her to have the social interaction with other people and other babies. Plus, I like the fact that at daycare she has an entire day where all she's supposed to do is play and sleep. While at home this summer I feel like she hasn't had a ton of time to just play because we are almost always on the go during her awake time.

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