I know im fat but geeze!

So i am a larger girl... not giant just thicker.  always have been.  I always prided myself on the fact that despite being thicker i always had a flat tummy (especially lower tummy and never had a muffin top hahaha) well i had the LOs and i know my eating SUCKS since having them but its not like i over eat i actually dont eat much. 

i still look pregnant except its all fat and mushy! I am the fatest i have been in all my (non pregnant ) life! Im miserable with the way i look.  I really want to work out so i started trying to do something at home while the LOs play and that was impossible they were underfoot half the time.  I really want to start going to the gym but $$ is very tight and good luck getting DH to watch LOs so i can go.  Ive thought about weight watchers but ehhhh i think that wont last long. 

my biggest problem is not cooking (i usually opt for a bowl of cereal or peanut butter on wheat) now that the LOs can start eating my food i need to cook more but after working right up to thier feeding time how do i find time to cook? 

i know his post is pretty vauge but im really at a loss on how im supposed to fit 2 more things(cooking healthy and working out) in my day!

Re: I know im fat but geeze!

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    If you can find a used jogging stroller, you can take the kids with you on some walks. Also, if you can find a gym you can afford, a lot of them have daycare at them as well.  However, what's with DH "watching" them so you can go? They're his kids too! Just tell him you are going to work out and he's in charge of the kids.

    Oh, and there is a group in my area called Stoller Strides that is a workout group for mom's and their kids. I think there is a small fee, but they meet in public places and work out together with a trainer (I think it's mostly walking and running). Maybe you have something like that in your area.

    As for cooking. We do a lot of stuff on the grill. DH does the meat, then I just have to whip up some veggies. Usually just do a quick salad, but there are so many veggies you can grill now too that I just prep them and DH throws those on the grill too. Slow cookers can work great as well (even in the summer). GL, I know it is tough and easier said than done, but a healthy mom makes for healthy kids.

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    Do you have a slow cooker?  We've been using ours and a "Fix It and Forget It" cookbook a lot these days.  There are plenty of recipes that take just 10-15 minutes of prep time in the morning (or the night before if that's easier). 

    Working out is a tough one for me too.  I went to the gym a few times a week up until my second trimester and just haven't carved out the time for it since my babies were born.  DH and I both have little chunks of designated time for ourselves every week, but the gym just hasn't sounded better than shopping or sleeping or getting my hair or nails done yet.  :)  I've been saying I'll get on the Wii Fit soon, but I haven't made that happen yet either.  It's tough.

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    I make sure to have turkey and salad stuff on hand at all times. At lunch, I quickly throw a sandwich and salad together. My girls are pretty mellow in the morning after they eat. I put them in their exersaucer and then throw together a slow cooker meal. It is SO easy and with how hot its been, I love not having to turn on the oven. Seriously, 90% of our meals have been from the slow cooker. Let me know if you want any of our favorite recipes.

    Working out....sigh. My plan was to at least do Wii Fit in the evenings after LOs are in bed. There's always cleaning or laundry or something that needs to happen and then I'm so tired I end up vegging on the couch. Exercise is just not gonna happen for a while.

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    Is there time before you go to work and the kids get up? Maybe check out the YMCA? I thought those were low cost and some have daycares. If you want to workout 4 days a week, make 2 of them saturday and sunday and have your DH stay with the kids so you can run/go to the gym/walk/swim or take them with you.

    As for eating, I would look into the slow cooker recipes out there. I make pulled pork BBQ sandwhiches, pretty low fat, the kids love it, and DH eats the left overs because it makes a ton. Make bulk batches of pasta so all you need to do is heat the noodles and sauce. Pre-cook meat and mix them with the steam fresh veggie bags.

    I know one thing that I have noticed about the slow cooker is that it tends to make more than 1 meal, so later on in the week we eat leftovers for lunch or dinner and the kids eat it again with us. Saves some money and time when all you have to do is re-heat.

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    I haven't been able to work more than a brisk walk into my routine for exercise, so I can't help you there.

    I'll echo these ladies- the only way we eat decent meals these days are through a combination of mass cooking and crockpot. When we cook, we very rarely ever cook for one night. If we grill chicken for dinner, we do a full tray from Sam's club and freeze the leftovers 2 to a bag. That way they're ready to be defrosted and then either eaten as-is, or sliced to go in a salad or something else. We do this with chicken, pork chops, and hamburger patties. 

    My other food tip is that I've found that my breakfast shapes my day- if I eat a crap breakfast, the rest of my day tends to follow. So I try to make my breakfast either oatmeal (since I'm bfing) or 2 eggs with a piece of wheat toast and a glass of milk.

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    Its like im not destine to work out hahaha! after writing this post i called DH and had a serious talk with him.  he is very supportive and understands my need for alone time.  he supports the gym and suggested 1 up the street that is 24 hours and only $30 a month.  so we decided this am i would go sign up and spend some alone time.  YEAH!!! then i was walking down the stairs last night and POP!!!! my knee did something awful.  its throbbing today and there is no way im going to go run! so 1 problem down... well once my knee heals grr!

    I would love recipes.  I need to bust the slow cooker out when DH was home when the babies 1st came home he used it a lot.  admittedly it freaks me out i cant fgure out how to cook in it hahaha! the good part is DH can start something in the am after he puts the LOs in day care and i can have it that night for dinner.  I will talk with him today.  I guess im off to google slow cooker recipes! THANKS!

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