I'm probably crazy, I know, I know

But I could swear when I'm perfectly still I can feel movement.  I know it wouldn't be kicks this early and this is NOT gas.  Did anyone else feel it this early on?? I feel absolutely insane posting this, but it's at least 4 or 5 times a day.  Is it all in my head lol?
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Re: I'm probably crazy, I know, I know

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    It isn't uncommon especially with twins and if it isn't your first pregnancy to feel little flutters this early. I began feeling them around 13 weeks also.
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    YOU'RE not crazy. I am, though b/c I'm only 8 weeks. 
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    I felt flutters at 13 weeks.  You're not crazy!
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    i started feeling flutters at 15wks.  you're probably not crazy :)
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    KMB7KMB7 member
    I could fee them at 13 weeks too. I wasn't sure at first, but it turned out to be them. :) 
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    Aw, I'm sure you're not crazy.  I have heard that since there's 2 in there you're more likey to feel flutters earlier on.  I can't wait to feel something!
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    nope, same thing happened to me!
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