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great etsy site

i especially love the 'stats' mini cute! we have a poster like that in ds' nursery, but i love the idea for a blanket.  makes a nice gift too! 

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Re: great etsy site

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    they have cute stuff - I think I need that blanket


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    this shop is so cute! i think i need the stats blanket too!
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    I bought the monogrammed lovey blankets from there for a couple friends and was really happy with them. I've been meaning to order one for my LO as well.
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    Strange. I just looked at the site and she doesn't have the blankets that I bought listed anymore. They were just like the stats blanket but it had the baby's name all over it. super cute!
    I might have to go with a stats once if she doesn't bring back the monogrammed one.
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