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DH and I were married last July and decided that we really wanted to wait until it was cold here and go somewhere warm for our honeymoon.  So we planned on going to Disney World for Christmas. 

Well then I got pregnant on our we never went.  I am wanting a vacation so badly I can't stand it!  We were thinking it would be nice to take a big vacation in the spring to like Aruba or something!  We would have to take Asher though, after being away from him for a week when I was in the hospital....I know I can't do it again and still have fun.  So we would take my little sister with us and my other sister and BIL would also come and then we could switch off nights, so that all the LO's are taken care of and each couple can get some adult/alone time. 

I mentioned this to my MIL and she said this is irresponsible of us and that vacations are wasted on babies.  Obviously Asher would be snorkeling....duh, but at 1 years old it would be a cool sensory experience that he will never remember, but an experience all the same.  Am I being selfish by considering taking him so far so young?  Would you take LO out of the country? 

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Re: Babies and Vacations

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    We are going to Vegas next week. I always said I would never take a baby there...

    Do what is best for YOU!

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    I have friends that just took their 1 year old twins to Cuba for their wedding. Their LO's loved it! They not only liked being able to play somewhere different but to see the different people and basically they got way more attention all the time from so many people. 

    I in no way think you are being selfish!! I think it is important to start doing these things young and get use to doing it because there will always be some reason not to.  

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    I took DS to Mexico when he was about a year.  He was fine.
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    We are taking DS to disney in Feb.  We booked this vacation almost 2 years ago, before I got pregnant.  He will be turning right before we come back, but i think it will be fun anyway.  besides, thats what pictures and video is for! who cares if he wont will.

    in May of June of 2012 we are looking at booking a cruise to bermuda with some friends and we would still take DS. 

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    So with your MIL's way of thinking why even leave the house? I mean why take him to the zoo, mall, aquarium, park etc if he doesn't know what's going on?! lol I think she is being ridiculous and if that's what yall want to do go for it and enjoy yourself!!!
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    Also, even though they don't remember you can tell them about it later and they feel happy. I have 1st/2nd graders who brag about how they were in China when they were 1. They don't remember it at all but you'll tell them stories and they'll remember those. I say go for it!
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    I don't think its selfish to take a baby out of the country. I don't think the borders of America some how protect babies.


    But I personally think snorkling would be wasted on a baby and don't see the point. But if it will make you feel better, of course go for it.


    Also, you might feel differently in 6 months and feel able to leave him for a few days. Who knows?

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    I don't see anything wrong with that.

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