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should I pump and dump?

We figured out a few months ago that LO has an allergic reaction to my milk when I eat tomatoes. (rash, blood in stool) Well I was stupid tonight and ordered enchiladas and didn't even think about the enchilada sauce having tomatoes in it. Dumb, I know. So  we fed him a bottle of previously pumped milk tonight to go to bed with. Now I'm about to pump. Is this milk ok? Should I dump this pump, or the next, or both?

Re: should I pump and dump?

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    Thats tough. DD has issues when I eat eggs, so when I choose to eat them I usually pump and dump 2x and I haven't had an issue. Not sure if 2x is overkill but since I have plenty of frozen I don't worry to much.

    I say do what makes you feel comfortable. 

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    Neen33Neen33 member
    I'd probably err on the side of caution and dump.
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