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Sleep ?

Keegan loves to sleep with his face facing up. I try to put a rolled up receiving blanket on his side so he has to face one way and then I will flip it when he wakes up during the night and during the day in between naps. However, after a while he just moves his head back to the middle. I really think that the back of his head is becoming flat :( because he ends up sleeping this way most of the night and during his naps during the day. Of course my mom and husband think I am crazy and do not think his head is flat but I have a feeling when we go for his next appointment (4 months) the doctor is going to agree with me.

Does anyone have any suggestions other than the rolled up receiving blanket on his side? I looked at the Babies R Us website but didn't see anything that I could use. Am I just being paranoid?


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Re: Sleep ?

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    Has he started to roll yet? If not, just wait, then you will worry about him sleeping face down. I worried too, but our dr. said not to worry, LO's head will be pretty much round by the time they're one years old. I think the doctor get concerned when their head is lop-sided due to them favoring one side over the other.

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    Thank you so much for responding.

    No, not rolling over yet. I did read in one of the baby books exactly what you said (about it rounding out by the time they are a year) but you know as moms we always worry regardless. :)

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