Has anyone used the pj's comfort pump? — The Bump

Has anyone used the pj's comfort pump?

opinion? worth the $$??

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Re: Has anyone used the pj's comfort pump?

  • I have only tried the PJ's Comfort pump once, desperate, my first night home from the hospital. I could not get anything. The next day I tried a Medela Pump In Style Advanced and got milk immediately.

    I haven't tried the PJ again, so I can't say for sure if it is good or not. But I love the Medela Pump In Style Advanced and would highly recommend it - it is much easier to use and I got milk the first time.

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  • I use it, I actually got it free through the corporate lactation program at my company. So I can't say if it's worth the money, since mine cost nothing. ;) How much does it cost for you?

    I don't have anything to compare it to, but I've had a good experience with it. They have great customer service--I had some problems with my pump, and they sent me a loaner to use while mine is getting fixed.  

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