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little lions prefolds?

We've been using GMDs, which I like but I thought I had heard Little Lions were good too. We're up for the next size, so...thoughts?

Re: little lions prefolds?

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    When we first started using cloth our budget was really limited so bought LL's prefold seconds. We aren't cding right now but I really liked the prefolds and prefer them over our other cloth and disposables.

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  • Our infant prefolds were ll seconds - I love them.  I am pretty sure they don't have a huge variety of sizes like GMD though (unless that's changed) - they had infant and premium (which are gigantic and just now fit ds).  I found some EUC red-edge from gmd for in-between - they are bleached and I don't like them nearly as much as the unbleached from ll. 
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  • i don't know anything about them but just saw a listing on spots for some.  I thought I would let you know. GL
  • Us too!!   I have had the LL webpage open for a week or so trying to decide.  Our green edge infant prefolds are getting too small.  I have blue edge from cotton babies and brown edge from GMD (same size) and I think LO will need a size in between.   I was considering the LL capri size but dont know.  I would love to hear from others too
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