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Kissaluvs ? (don't get something...)

I'm checking into kissaluvs b/c I found some on CL (6/$20).  I haven't used this kind of diaper before, so my understanding is that you put these on, then you have to put a cover over it, right?  So, do you need a new cover every time you change a diaper?  Can some school me on this kind of diaper?  Thanks!  :) 

Re: Kissaluvs ? (don't get something...)

  • You can re-use the covers, as long as they don't get poo on them. People really like these for newborns.
  • We own 6 covers, but only really use 3 max in a day. Usually we just switch between 2, as long as they don't have poo on them.

    We have 16 KissaLuvs, but those only really last about  a day and one night's worth of changes... I use PreFolds to supplement our stash.

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  • Are they Kissaluv fitteds? Because I'm a huge fan of those. You do need to use a cover but you don't have to use a new one at every diaper change. You can use it until it gets poop on it or you just decide to wash. I use one cover per day then I wash it. It never gets poop on it. Sometimes I alternate between 2 covers (if he's having a heavy wetting day) and wash at the end of the second day.
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