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DD has a low temperature...

DD had a slight fever earlier ( 37.9) and I gave her some tylenol to get it down and cooled down the house ect. Her normal is around 36.4 which is low for an infant so when she does get around the 38 mark we have been told to watch her. She seemed fine after her nightly bath but then out of the ordinary she went to bed 2 hours early. Which is still 10 pm but all the same off her regular schedual. She had been wonky and out of sorts all day but I aquitted it to the end of a growth spurt and a new bottom tooth. I just went in then to check to see how DD's temp was doing again, and her temp was 35.8. I checked it 3 times and all the same. The tylenol wore off an hour ago as well.

 Should I be worried that it has now gone low?? I read that a low temp can be an indication of infection in an infant but all the information is for 0-3 months. I was wondering if anyone knew if it was the same for 3+ months as well. We have a pedi appointment on Monday but I didn't know if this was something that required immediate attention. She is a deep sleeper so its hard to tell if she is lethargic but she is breathing fine and still doing her normal crawling all over the crib in her sleep. I am inclined to leave it until Monday but DH is freaked out. 

Any information would be helpful!!


Re: DD has a low temperature...

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    I'm assuming if you took her temp while she's asleep you are not doing a rectal temp.  If you are really freaked out I would take one that way just to be sure it's accurate and decide from there. 
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    No it was rectal. DD is a very heavy sleeper. I didn't have to undress her because all she had on was a diaper because when I first out her down she had a fever and she sleeps on her belly with her bum up in the air. lol I personally am not overly worried. It seems low but she has a low average temp to begin with. If it keeps dropping or doesn't change with me covering her. I thought I would post to see if anyone else had some information that I was missing out on.
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