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When to start exercising after a c-sect?

I gave birth to our darling son on june 15th. It's been 6weeks plus now.

I remember reading somewhere tht u cld start exercising after d 6th week but i'm still in doubt as i do still experience some kinda pain once inawhl.

Is ths normal and can i strt exercisng already?

My biggest concern is my tummy.

Hw do u plan to get a flatter tummy? What kind of exercise works best?


Re: When to start exercising after a c-sect?

  • At 6 weeks, I started doing a lot of walking.  I didn't do anything in the abdominal area until the doctor gave me the go ahead to start trying out exercises that weren't too much or cause pain.

     All I can give is that in addition to cardio and abdominal work outs, make sure that your diet is in check to lose the weight around the tummy area.  GL!

  • I had a C-Section 15 weeks ago, but I started walking at about 4 weeks.  I'd start out slow.  I have lately been doing The Shred and even still- some days, I am not able to do the ab work.  Some days though, I can, so I just take it day by day and do what my body says.  Good luck to you!  I'd definitely recommend The Shred, though! 
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  • My practitioner had gvn green light for me,but i will be starting out slow too...

    N hv a balanced diet of course.

    All d best to me n all of u out thr who's tryin to shred d extra kilos!

    Thanks :)

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