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Huggies Pure & Natural vs. 7th Generation

DS has sensitive skin and I've been noticing that he's been getting red bumps underneath his diaper so I'm thinking of switching. Has anyone tried both of these or use one of these brands? How do you like them? I currently use Huggies little snugglers and I've had no problems with leaks. 1ht
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Re: Huggies Pure & Natural vs. 7th Generation

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    Lurking from 0-3. We have used both kinds. DS didn't have any issues with ether brand. The Huggies pure and natural were very soft to the touch while the 7th generation are a little stiffer. They both work well against leakage if you have the right size.if the 7th generation aren't opened up all the way when your putting it on it can leak at the legs. If I had to choose I would probably choose the huggies pure and natural because their cuter and softer. But because my husband owns a health food store and we get the 7th generation for free, this is what we use.
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    I haven't tried Huggies Pure and Natural, but I have tried 7th generation. They're okay...very stiff, IMO (but I have been told that's the case for the chlorine free diapers). They did hold up leak wise, though. 
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    We use the Pure & Natural.  I really like them, they are nice and soft and we haven't had any problems with leaking.  I'd recommend them.
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    We have tried both, but use 7th gen now.  It's stiffer than I would like, and we have some trouble with leaks, but it's the only diaper we have used that doesn't give LO diaper rash.  FYI - the 7th gens run a little small.
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