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What does your 1 year old play with?

People are starting to ask what to get DS for his birthday and so far all we can think of is clothes for the winter...
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Re: What does your 1 year old play with?

  • DD's not quite a year, but her fave things right now are lift-the-flap books, nesting cups/blocks, instruments, and her wagon filled with blocks. For those that ask, we are asking for books, puzzles, instruments, clothes, or toys that teach concepts like in/out, off/on, colors, shapes, numbers, etc.
  • We've been getting asked this too!

    Noah has no trucks/cars or anything, but he LOVES playing with them in the nursery at church so we said that. We also said books and blocks (the big kind- I can't find them anywhere!). I think we are going to buy him this trike thing.

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  • puzzles, books, finger paints, shape sorters, Buckley Boo...
  • Books. Her play kitchen. she also likes to carry around her baby doll. She likes this jumper thing she has too it's like a rocking horse but it bounces too. She LOVES it. 


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  • I always tried to ask for things that you know he'll need the coming year...sippee cups, craft supplies, bigger clothes, puzzles, building blocks, stacking toys, CDs, etc.  Board books are great since they can't rip the pages out.

    So far for Evan he's getting an I spy toy, new CD, Hape cars, boo boo buddy  I think one of his bigger presents is going to be a melissa and doug big piano  The radio flyer cars, etc make nice gifts as well.

    When in doubt, a deposit to his savings account or a savings bond is great for their 1st bday as well.  I know Evan will be getting them as well.

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  • Blocks, balls, nesting toys, anything that makes music, baby doll(s), and books...lots and lots of books.  Lift the flap, touch and feel, word books, color books, number books, plain photo books, soft books, board books - you get the photo :)
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  • DD (18 mos now)  loves balls, dolls, instruments and music, books, bubbles and play kitchen stuff.  She also likes trains but I think it's b/c DS does.  We are going to bring up the wooden puzzles from storage soon.   Oh... and if you are looking for an idea for a big gift, DD _loves_ the sand and water table.  I actually think that is her favorite toy and it's something they can use for years. 
  • aspadeaspade member

    Ditto what everyone's said, but also:

    A push toy, like a shopping cart or stroller or something, for help with learning to walk.  DD has a wooden stroller she loves.  And she puts all kinds of stuff into it, takes it out, puts it back, you get the picture.  She also goes right for push toys when we're somewhere else.

    We got DD a toy piano as well for her birthday, but a real one.  It looks like a little grand piano.  From Amazon.  She loves it--and all of her instruments (drum, xylophone, tambourine, shakers, etc.).

    And yes, lots of books!  Foster a love of reading early--it's super important.  DD now has a favorite book and wants it read more than once.  I love it.

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  • I think this will be C's "big" gift for her 1st birthday - a Rody bounce horse.  My plan is to tell my MIL about it and offer to order it for her.


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  • Obviously no one in this post knows me well at all.  Telling ME to ask for books for my child.  LoL.  Y'all... DH requested that we NOT ask for books because of the sheer number of books DS has already... I'm not saying that we're not asking for books, but the child has HUNDREDS already.  I literally have 600+ children's books in storage (for when he's older and less likely to tear out pages) and probably 200 in his room/closet right now.  He has books of every single kind because his mommy has a book-buying problem.  (Seriously... I might be addicted)  His first word is fast on the way to being "book."  Right now, if you hold up a book and ask him what it is, he will say "ck."  We're working on the "B" part now.  If anyone wants a gift they know we'll love, its books, that's a given, so we will ASK for something besides books.  :-D

    Thanks for all of the other ideas!  I added the buckleyboo lion and several other things from you ideas.  I'm still waiting to hear back from the guy on Craigslist that's selling the play kitchen I want.  DH doesn't htink DS will play with it much yet, but its a steal... so he agreed that we'll get it if the guy ever responds to me.  I think we decided to get him a radio flyer wagon for his birthday... he has one push toy already and we'll buy him another one with birthdya money if he doesn' t get another one from someone else. 

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  • When I worked at a daycare the kids from 9 mo+ really liked the magnadoodle (without the little shapes, they just had the attached pen to play with) but they loved watching us write their names and helping them write their names and they enjoyed guessing what we were drawing and showing us what they drew.
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