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Baptism gift

My daughter is being baptismed tomorrow - with her cousin, my sis's daughter.  I completely forgot that I should be getting something for my niece until now.  I'm going the monetary route, but I have no clue what's appropriate for an amount.  I know some people will say to go with what you can afford, but I don't want to end up giving my sis's kid half what she gives my child - you know? 

For those of you who have already had a baptism, around how much money did you get from guests for your LO?  Not sure if this matters, but I'm in the northeast where a pretty typical wedding gift would be $200


Re: Baptism gift

  • We typically give $50 but I suppose if it's family you might want to give a little more. I'd say $75 for family if you stick with just money but I would think $50 and a cute outfit, something girlie, would be appropriate as well.
  • I'm in NH and LO got $25 from friends/our cousins, etc. She got $50 or more from her aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents.
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