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I am haunted by what I almost did...

I was getting LO ready for bed, and about to zip her up in her sleep sack, when I saw a pincher bug crawling on the inside zipper. I yanked LO up and threw the sleep sack across the room - I don't think I ever moved so quickly before in my life.  I spent the next 15 minutes checking every corner of her room and crib for those nasty little fvckers, before finally relenting and putting her down for the night.

I am literally in tears right now, thinking about how close I came to zipping my beautiful baby girl up with a biting, nasty insect for 12 hours ::shudder::

Sorry for the dramz, but I'm a huge sissy when it comes to creepy-crawlies. I hope my daughter doesn't grow up to be as big of a pu$$y as her mama :/

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Re: I am haunted by what I almost did...

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    oh, that would have freaked me out!! glad she's ok!
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    I would have freaked out too! Those bugs are nasty!! 

    Thank goodness for a careful momma that patrolled the room and made sure it was bug free. You DD can rest easy tonight! 

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    Your post made my skin crawl.....pincher bugs are up there in the "gross and creepy" category with Gabillapeeds......shudder. 
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    Ohhhh! I know how that feels! One day I was with my mom, sister, and DS in the car. DS had been crying and screaming so I was trying to feed him to calm him down. He couldn't be calmed, so we pulled over and my sister realized there was some giant, black flying bug crawling on DS in his carseat. I freaked out and was checking all over him for bites or stings. I never found anything, so maybe he was just upset because it was bothering him. I HATE bugs!
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    I would be upset too!  I hate bugs.  MN has a massive ear wig infestation right now, those nasty things are everywhere.
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    Ye gads! Good move, Mama.  Before LO was here, I was showing my mom the Co-sleeper. I lifted the mattress and there was a house spider under there. I spent the next week racking my brain trying to figure out how to get spiders out of my house without having poison in the air and on all his things. Eek.
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    i would have done the same thing! i hate creepy crawlers too! eeek!
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