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A ? about using prefolds...

I'm curious about what you use inside of the prefold to help with absorbency. ?My LOs are starting to soak the prefolds pretty good, and it wakes them up while they're sleeping, so I'm thinking I need to be using some sort of insert or liner...right?

Can you tell me what was successful for you?


Re: A ? about using prefolds...

  • We use pocket diapers at night.  When DS was that young he wasn't sleeping at all (he literally kept us up until 3 AM every night until he was near 3 months old). 

    You could try fleece liners between baby and prefold and that should help them not feel wet at night, but generally, little bitty ones need tobe changed every 2-3 hours anyway, no matter what diaper they've got.

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  • We've done 2 things successfully with prefolds at night.  One is to double stuff.  We take an infant prefold and trifold it and place it inside of the other one.  Another trick is to use a help doubler or 2 outside of the prefold between the prefold and the cover.  I also always use a piece of scrap fleece cut up to use as a stay-dry liner overnight too.
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  • Yeah... we changed ds almost every time he woke up at night... sometimes we used kissaluvs size 0 at night - those were a little more absorbent.  But we also had a few xsmall aios that we used at night, too - stay dry inner and a little tiny pocket to put a little tiny hemp insert to make it more absorbent... by about 8 weeks, he stopped pooping all the time, so that helped us go longer at night as well.  If you want to stick w/ using prefolds, I would try some hemp doublers, maybe topped w/ fleece (I have a few that I bought used that came that way, don't know what brand).  Maybe search for stay-dry hemp doublers?

    Good luck!

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  • I would opt for some pockets for nighttime use. You could also get a doubler so long as it is fabric that can be against LO's skin (ie: no microfiber).

    I don't use prefolds very often but I did when family visited last week since I got lazy with the laundry. I actually used one of my cloth wipes as a doubler and it worked great. It's just two layers of cotton velour. You could order some fabric and make your own in a jiffy.

  • We use fitteds/PF's during the day, and BumGenius 3.0's at night.

    Depending on how small your LO's are, they might fit as well... DS is 9.5lbs right now, and they fit perfect on him.

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