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Ina May--Guide to Breastfeeding...

I meant to order Ina May's Guide to Childbirth on Amazon and instead ordered the Guide to Breastfeeding (They appear almost identical!!). Anywho, I do plan to breastfeed, but don't want to read this book if it isn't any good and would just as soon return it.

Anyone read this? Can you recommend it? Is there a better breastfeeding guide?

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Re: Ina May--Guide to Breastfeeding...

  • I had checked out a bunch of bf'g books from the library and this was one of them.  I found it to be really good.  You really don't need anything else if you get this, it's pretty all encompassing.  

    ps  I also read the Guide to Childbirth.  also good, but I would prob buy the breastfeeding guide over that. 

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