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teething at 3 mo?

Is it possible my DS is teething at barley 3 mo? fluctuating temp, Drooling a lot, and very fussy!

Re: teething at 3 mo?

  • My DS is almost 3 months too, and same thing - tons of drool, sucking his hand and arm like crazy, and very fussy the past few days.  He discoved his tongue today and was playing with it a lot - not sure if that's related though.  I am assuming the begin stages of teething too - babies can start the teething process months before an actual tooth breaks through.  At any rate, you are not alone on this!
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  • he is also sucking on his arm and hand a lot. Nothing seems to sooth him. I wish you the best of luck. I thought I might be crazy to think he was teething. I can't think of anything else it could possibly be. I wish you the best of luck. with your DS! 
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  • DS has been drooling a ton lately as well.. several people have mentioned him starting to teeth.. but i never thought it was possible.. but as much as he has been drooling it makes sense
  • My daughter is doing the same thing she has her whole fist in her mouth and the drool is crazy!!!! I would have never thought that teething starting this soon but then again what do I know she is my first
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  • Sorry to say at least it's not just me! I am a little re-leaved to hear I'm not alone. Still wishing I could help him. It's so sad to hear him fussing all the time. He's so little and I'm thinking the remedy's I used for my DD he is not ready for. 
  • Teething can start anywhere between 3-8 months.  Some babies are early and some are late.  The average is 6 months, but that is just a guideline.  I have seen babies with 1 tooth at 3 months, so ladies you are not alone and rest assured this is NORMAL!  :)

    And pp's are correct that it can take a month or more before the first tooth cuts but drooling and elevated temp can go on for a while.  

    I am a dentist so if anyone has questions, I love answering them since this is as close as I get to teeth until I go back after maternity leave!  I obviously love my job a lot!!!

  • Thanks!! I will be sure to ask if I come across any more questions! Thanks for easing my mind! Do you have any tips on how to comfort them so young?
  • My DD was having the same symptoms and my sister suggested I use the Hylands Teething Tablets...we used them for 2 nights and she slept like a rock and we havent had to use them since.  She is still drooling and sucking the hands/arm but doesnt seem to be in any pain anymore. 

    They are homeopathic so they wont hurt the little one.  My sister used them on her son @ 5 weeks (thats how early he started teething and didnt cut a tooth until 11 mo!)

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  • I used them with my DD but recently when I asked my Pediatrician she told me not to use them. Apparently they can cause you LO to have hallucination's.  But they did seam to do the trick for my DD. Maybe because she was spaced out and seeing double lol! Anyway not sure I will use them now that I have this info. 
  • Thats weird!  Its all natural stuff so I thought it would be safe...i'll have to look into this now!  Thanks for the info/


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