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How much do you have frozen???

1) How much do you have frozen? I have 120oz.

2) What are you doing to keep your milk supply up? I pump for 15 mins. after some feedings?



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Re: How much do you have frozen???

  • 1.) I have 0 oz frozen :-(.  I just barely pump enough at work for the next day's daycare bottles.

    2.) My supply is fine when I'm with LO and nurse her nights and weekends.  But to try to pump more I eat oatmeal every morning, drink plenty of water and pump for 20 minutes.

  • I have a little over 1000oz I believe, but I EP and freeze about 20oz a night.

    I EP and up until today was pumping 4X a day.  I just started pumping 3X today in order to slowly wean by a year.

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  • 1) How much do you have frozen? I have about 500 oz.  DS hates the bottle and doesn't take much while I'm at work, so I'm freezing about 50 oz per week.  I was expecting to not be able to freeze much once I started back to work, but I'm actually freezing a lot more now than I was before (when I was just randomly pumping if I was uncomfortable).

    2) What are you doing to keep your milk supply up? I just pump 3 times a day at work and feed ds when I'm with him.  I used to pump during the night if I was engorged and that's how I started my freezer stash, but I'm trying to not pump during the night anymore so I can start sleeping more. 

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  • 1) 650 oz - just took inventory yesterday.

    2) Pump 3 times at work which is how often DS eats at daycare.  Then I just feed him whenever he's hungry.  I was pumping after he eats in the morning but recently quit doing t5hat for lack of time.  That's how I built my freezer stash.  I'm still pumping about 5 extra oz a day.

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  • 1) 557 oz, just updated my spreadsheet this morning

    2) I EP, and I have produced more than DS eats since he was 2 months old. I haven't been able to freeze as much since he started eating more around 4 months or so. But I'm just glad to have a freezer stash.

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  • 1.) About 60 oz

    2.) When I went back to work a month ago, I had about 80 oz. frozen. I pump about 15 oz/day in 3 sessions, and dd eats about 18 oz. when she's away from me. I make up for some of it during the weekends and my 1/2 days at work, so I've only gone through about 20 oz. in a month. I'm guessing I have about 3 more months of freezer stash, but that would get me to 7 months of exclusive bm, and then I'll need to start supplementing. I am okay with that. We had serious latch issues in the beginning, and I've only ever fed from one side, so I'm proud of the fact that at four months, I still ebf. Once the freezer stash is gone, I'll probably start supplementing those extra 4 oz+/week.


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